Green Energy

Design Engineering Group with its preferred partners have the ability to make your home both simplified AND more energy efficient. A few examples of products and technology we can use to convert your power hungry home into a more energy conscience environment include:

  • Lutron wall box dimmers and dimming panel systems can save 10% – 40% on lighting related loads on electricity bills while dimming light loads 10% – 50%. This dimming also increases bulb life from 2 -10+ years and lowers the amount of waste to our landfills.Lutron dimming can now control many of the new CFL and LED type bulbs which provide substantial savings over legacy halogen and incandescent bulbs.
  • Taking a cue from the commercial market Lutron has adapted occupancy/vacancy sensors to their systems which can turn lights on when you walk into a room and off after you leave.
  • Daylight sensors are now available from Lutron that communicate with wall box dimmers and switches as well as full panel systems. These can be programmed to dim lights in a room when sufficient light exists providing a balance between electric light and daylight.
  • Shade treatments from Lutron can keep rooms cool blocking out by radiant light as well as UV rays. Shades can be programmed to automatically lower according to time of day as well as amount of daylight in a room. Shades can also be set up to lower/ raise when a specific temperature is called for by the HVAC system. This lowers active run time of HVAC equipment and energy consumption.
  • Control of HVAC (Heating and Cooling) systems is paramount to lowering energy costs as they are the largest consumer of power in homes. Lutron and Savant both provide solutions we implement to harness the costs of heating and cooling your home. Scheduling, remote sensors, occupancy sensors, remote offsite control and integration with other systems such as lighting, security, shades, etc can lower equipment run time and costs.
  • Audio Control has a new breed of H-Class whole house audio amplifiers that save power. They have an intelligent power supply that actually monitors the demands of the music and adjusts the power usage, much like an automatic transmission. The result is a truly efficient amplifier that wastes no power.
  • Savant Systems provides us with a way to monitor energy consumption in real time. The Savant SmartEnergy Monitoring solution measures and reports on energy usage and production in real-time enabling users to reduce consumption and conserve resources.
  • DEG can create a “Green” scene in your home that provides a simple one button way to save money. The Green scene can be programmed to dim lights, turn lights off, lower shades, lower/raise temperatures, etc.


Learn more on going Green from Lutron and Savant by clicking on the links below:

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