Control: the concept of doing something over here to make something over there happen. Sounds simple doesn’t it? There are many “automation” companies today claiming they can fully automate/control your home or media system. Truth is… many of them are inexperienced in control system design and programming which leaves the client with a half functioning system and a handful of empty promises. In today’s world of ever changing technologies and equipment you need a firm with years experience and … success in fully integrating these devices.

Design Engineering Group
can provide clients with the ability to command their home theater, lighting system, corporate boardroom and many other everyday functions through simple and easy-to-use interfaces. This integrated control allows the user to access all forms of media including DVD, DSS, off-air television, cable television, video teleconferencing, PC presentations, music, movies and much more. The use of wall mounted keypads and touchpanels, wireless touchscreens, wireless remotes, and touch sensitive table top color panels can also provide control or everyday devices such as security systems, pool and spa equipment, heating and cooling systems and lighting systems. We provide the latest technology in these control systems and only offer the premier equipment on the market today. Our years of experience in these automation systems give us the ability to provide the client a truly integrated environment that works.


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