Design Engineering GroupĀ can design and install a lighting control system that will simplify living in any size residence from a single family home to expansive estates with elaborate lighting designs. With the number of lighting fixtures steadily increasing in homes today, the need to have a central lighting control system has become a necessity. A lighting control system will add security, convenience, and improved aesthetics to the home.

We work with the clients and their lighting designers, architects and electricians to design a system that will provide every feature and need the client has. Every step of the process from initial design to final walk through is well documented and accurate. Lighting control can make the home safer with the ability to turn security, landscape, and other light loads on or off with the push of a single button or automated by a time clock type event.

Lights can also be linked to a security system to illuminate walkways or exits. Lutron systems also eliminate needless wall clutter by limiting the amount of devices mounted in visible locations. A keypad can provide the client with control over a single light fixture or the entire property. The possibilities are virtually endless and limited only to the imagination of the client.

Benefits include:

  • Aesthetics of the home are increased with color matching keypads replacing a clutter of conventional light switches and dimmers. Lutron keypads can also be used for the control of audio systems, climate, shades and more
  • Convenience is increased by controlling lights from a simplified keypad, hand held remote, iPhone or iPad
  • Energy efficiency is greatly increased by the dimming of light loads, astronomic time clock events, scheduling of scenes, vacation scenes, occupancy sensing, climate control interaction, etc
  • Security is increased with pathway lighting, car visor or iPhone control when arriving to an empty house, vacation scenes, activation of lights in the event of a alarm,etc


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