Apple to release iOs 9 this fall

Apple iOs 9 Preview page   Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 8.57.05 PM   Apple has improved on the ground breaking features in iOs8 by focusing on App feature enhancements. Adding new multitasking features, Siri updates, operating system performance updates, etc. Apple has moved the bar in mobile device experience. Many of these new might be implemented into Savant control using your iOs devices to make controlling your home even easier! Click on the link above for all the details.       Older news and Posts

Cinema One Wins the Red Dot Award

Cinema One and the Red Dot Award

3-24-2014 10-40-11 AM

We are honored to announce that Cinema One has won the highly coveted Red Dot Award for Best Product Design. The Red Dot Award is one of the world’s most prestigious design awards, given for
aesthetic forms, well thought-out innovations and groundbreaking trends.

Cinema One was designed in collaboration with Whipsaw, an industrial design and engineering consulting firm located in the heart of Silicon Valley. “The goal was to create a device that was fresh, contemporary and exuded a level of sophistication that would stand out among other audio/video components in the living room,” said Cheena Srinivasan, founder and CEO of Kaleidescape. “With Whipsaw’s help, we were able to create a product that not only delivers the highly acclaimed Kaleidescape Experience but also looks good and is super easy to use. It’s a product that people will want to display rather than hide.”

Final living room

The Cinema One design deliberately rejects the austere black box aesthetic. Wrapped in a sleek aluminum-finished case, it features a white faceplate on which the backlit Kaleidescape logo animates when the system is turned on and when music is playing. Status indicators and control buttons glow from within only when active and recede into the background when not in use.

The product also features a slot-loading BD/DVD drive for a cleaner, more elegant look as compared to more common tray-loading players. Combined with the Kaleidescape Movie Guide, Cinema One delivers the best Blu-ray experience, taking the viewer directly to the start of the feature film in six seconds or less. “Cinema One features a clean, light and graceful design that subtly communicates a sense of refined technology. We strove to make Cinema One the ultimate companion to the brilliant Kaleidescape Experience,” said Dan Harden, CEO and principal designer at Whipsaw.


Kaleidescape will be recognized as a winner of the award at the Red Dot Gala, to be held at the Aalto Theatre in Essen, Germany on July 7.



Kaleidescape vs. “Other” Media Servers

I am often asked what’s the big deal with Kaleidescape? Why are they so pricey? Can’t I just use a pc or Mac and do the same thing? etc,etc. I saw this article today in Residential Systems by John Sciacca and thought I would share it here because he explains it better than I could.


Last week Kaleidescape introduced a new product, the Cinema One, that I and many others in the trade and consumer press felt was pretty big news. For a company known for making systems for the luxury market costing as much as automobiles, breaking the $4,000 barrier was a major move to capture a much broader segment of the market. That is good for them as a company, and good for Kaleidescape dealers because they finally have a way to overcome the one major hurdle that killed most sales.

But almost as soon as the announcement came out, the typical anti-Kaleidescape comments started flooding in—how someone could build their own system for far less money that works just as good as a Kaleidescape.

I’d like to take a few paragraphs to tell you exactly why these other solutions may be media servers, but will never be the same as a Kaleidescape, even the new, $3,995 Cinema One. And before you accuse me of being a fanboy, I’m going to take impartiality off the table and admit that, yes, I am a Kaleidescape fanboy. Having reviewed, sold, and lived with the product in various incarnations for years, they have earned my fanboy status. It’s also one of the few products that continues to get as much use in my home now as the day it was first installed.

I’ve left the comment text complete, poor grammar and all, in italics below.

Homebrew Solutions
I was talking with a buddy last night about [the Cinema One], and he just started to laugh hysterically. He went on to inform me that he had ‘magic software’ that cost him nothing that rips ‘all’ DVDs and Blurays. He said only a fool would pay such a price, and the more I think about it, he may be right.

The typical “this can be done for way less money!” media server solution is generally built around some kind of Media Center PC running some brand of third-party software that is illegal. (Do your own research on the matter, but I doubt you will find any information saying that breaking the DVD-CCA’s CSS copy protection, which is present on all commercial DVD discs—one of the first steps in making a copy—is legal.) Now you can argue that the Fair Use Act gives you the right to make a backup, and you feel that breaking the disc protection for that purpose is warranted, but technically, it’s illegal. Nonetheless, let’s look past that for a moment. At the end of the day, some kind of PC and third-party software is running the show, and from a reliability standpoint, these don’t hold a candle to a Kaleidescape system. Restarts, reboots, lock-ups, fan noise and lights, and random WTFs?!? are often in play. Kaleidescape, on the other hand, runs on a purpose-built operating system—KOS—that is the closest thing to bulletproof that you will find in the home market. Also, from an integration standpoint, Kaleidescape supports everything from a simple IR-based Harmony remote to the most elaborate automation system from Crestron and all points in-between; no mouse required. Ever.


Breaking the disc’s encryption and importing the movie is only half the task; once the content has been imported you need a way to browse your collection to find what you’re looking for. While there are some automated ways of identifying a movie and adding the appropriate information in a cobbled media server, the reality is that owners often need to manually search for this information or enter it on their own. Kaleidescape employs a full-time Movie Guide team to meticulously update metadata, making sure every disc imported has the correct high-resolution cover art, actor and director information, rating, running time, aspect ratio, and more. If you ever run into a title that isn’t in their database, Kaleidescape will pay the cost for you to send them the disc, and then they will add it to their database and return it to you. Kaleidescape then takes this metadata and uses it to automatically sort your films in a variety of ways, even suggesting movies that are similar to the last title you stopped on, making it simple to always find the perfect movie in your collection.

$4000 to store a 100 Blu-rays or $8000 to store 200 Blu-rays … this can be done with more storage space, the same functionality and home automation integration at a fraction of the cost. This is not a good product, unless you have money to burn.

Assuming you get the disc into the server with the correct metadata, you’ll likely be able to play the movie on your homemade server. Congratulations. But you still don’t have anything close to a Kaleidescape system. In fact, merely “playing the movie” is really a small part of what a Kaleidescape does.

First, you get the option to jump directly to the film, skipping any trailers, warnings or menus.

Second, the disc imports in its entirety, so for the times where you want to watch a special feature, or need a foreign language or subtitle track or some other feature of the disc, it’s there.

Third, Kaleidescape bookmarks the most iconic scenes in thousands of movies, letting you enjoy a “highlight reel” from your favorite films. Of course, you can also easily bookmark your own personal favorite scenes if you like, simply by pressing a “start” and “end” button on the remote or app. Along with scenes, Kaleidescape tags songs in tons of concert videos and musicals. Want to jump straight to “Think of Me” from Phantom of the Opera because you saw the stage production the night you got engaged? Kaleidescape has your back, you romantic bastard!

Fourth is the ability to set up as many “collections” as you like, sorting your films into categories like “Oscar Winners” or “Dad’s Favorites” or whatever else you can think of. This also enables the “Child’s Collection,” which can place the system into a kid-friendly mode that allows youngsters of virtually any age to browse and select their favorite content. What do you need to do to take advantage of these features? Simply place the disc in the tray and press the “Import” button; the system automatically does the rest. Add to all of that an amazing iPad control app with integrated Rotten Tomatoes and Common Sense Media reviews, repositioning of subtitles in 2.35 aspect movies, full parental controls by zone, episode naming for TV series, auto selection of preferred favorite audio format, keeping track of paused titles for as long as you want, a full music player with album reviews and artist biographies, and you can see why a “home server” comes up woefully short of being a Kaleidescape.

I would rather just use Vudu where you can get Blu-ray quality movies too. You can also rent/purchase them.

While I will agree that Vudu is a terrific service, it comes up way short compared to Kaleidescape in a couple of areas. For one, Vudu offers no way to manage the library of discs that you already own. This is where Kaleidescape started, this is their wheelhouse, and this is where they excel. Admittedly, if your disc collection is next to nothing, then perhaps Kaleidescape isn’t right for you. But beyond just managing your own discs, Kaleidescape now offers the only way to download true Blu-ray quality movies. And as good as Vudu’s HDX is—and it’s the best streaming video quality I’ve experienced—it is not true Blu-ray quality. While the video is quite good, the audio falls noticeably short of Blu-ray’s lossless Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD-Master formats. With a Kaleidescape Blu-ray-quality download, you get identical Blu-ray picture and sound quality along with all of the disc’s special features—something no other company offers. However, far from dissing Vudu, I would say that Vudu can serve as the perfect complement to a Kaleidescape system, offering additional titles, and an option to rent instead of purchase movies.

The one thing I have not been able to duplicate is the reliability of a Kscape setup and the user experience for my technophile wife and two very young kids. While I’m quite proud of my HTPC, and I think it’s super easy to use, I cannot count the number of phone calls I have gotten that start with ‘There’s something wrong with the stupid media server!’

While I’m sure the quality varies, many of the media server-based solutions I have experienced often have sketchy video processing. Because they are computers first and video players second, they weren’t designed for first-class video performance, unlike Kaleidescape, which was designed solely to be a movie player and utilizes terrific video processing to deliver excellent Blu-ray and DVD performance. Kaleidescape also has a feature called Cinemascape that enhances performances for users with 2.35:1 screens. Also integral to “the Kaleidescape experience” is the amazing technical support; because the system is registered to an owner and connected to the internet, its “health” is constantly monitored by Kaleidescape who often takes a proactive role in problem solving.

Look, if you’re a hobbyist that likes to tinker and you enjoy updating and configuring and don’t mind occasionally searching forums for fixes and workarounds and want to challenge yourself to see if you can build a movie server, that’s cool and I certainly wish you luck. But, just don’t think that because you saved yourself a few hundred bucks and have migrated your movies onto a hard disc that you have built something that in any way compares to what Kaleidescape owners have. It’s a bit like two people going out to eat; one at Taco Bell and the other spending an evening at The French Laundry. They’re both eating food at a restaurant and at the end of the night they’ll both be full, but the journey and the experience are far different.

Kaleidescape Reintroduces the Cinema One

Kaleidescape’s Cinema One player has been many things to movie buffs, but “accessible” isn’t one of them — limited distribution and an emphasis on custom installs has kept it out of reach. The company is widening that scope with a redesigned Cinema One that’s almost as easy to install as an off-the-shelf Blu-ray player. It’s a tad more advanced than that, of course. The Cinema One integrates with most home automation systems, and it stores up to 100 Blu-ray quality movies (including Kaleidescape Store downloads). Viewers who need more storage can attach a second player or the older DV700 Disc Vault. The revamped Cinema One is still expensive at $3,995, but it’s at least easier to buy than its predecessor — Kaleidescape is selling the new media server direct on it’s own online store (see below) or through it’s dealers like Design Engineering Group.

The Cinema One comes in a beautiful form factor that is easy to set up in any family room or existing home theater, and is the company’s first product designed for retail distribution.

Cinema One lets consumers store and instantly access up to 100 Blu-ray or 600 DVD-quality movies in the highest audio and video quality available. With this new form factor and price, the renowned Kaleidescape Experience is no longer limited to just high-end custom installations.


“Magnolia has been demonstrating the Kaleidescape System in the theaters of our design centers for years,” said Bill Beverley, vice president of retail sales, Magnolia Audio/Video. “But until now, Kaleidescape’s products have been installed in large home theaters and whole-home integrated audio/video systems. With Cinema One, we can now offer the same experience in a simple-to-install and easy-to-use movie server to anyone who wants to have a truly theatrical movie experience.”

Cinema One provides a better home theater experience by letting viewers watch their Blu-ray and DVD movies without the delays of previews, menus or ads. Cinema One connects to any home automation system. So when you press Play, the lights go down, the masking is set, and the movie starts instantly, creating a truly theatrical movie experience. And with the unique CinemaScape video-processing mode, Cinema One is the best source devices available for a 2.35 home theater.

A second Cinema One can be added to double the storage capacity and enable viewing of the combined library on a second television. And a three-year standard limited warranty ensures customers can enjoy their movies worry-free.

With Cinema One, viewers can download movies directly from the Kaleidescape Store, which offers movie downloads with the same audio/video fidelity of Blu-ray discs. Downloads include all special features, audio tracks and extra content otherwise available only on the physical disc.

“Today, Blu-ray discs are the reference standard for the discerning viewer, but they’re not as convenient as streaming,” said Doug Blackburn of Widescreen Review. “The Kaleidescape Store is currently the only way to download movies with precisely the same audio/video fidelity as Blu-ray. With Cinema One, anyone looking for the ultimate home theater experience without the inconvenience of physical discs will find Kaleidescape to be the best possible option for a theater system that will impress the owner, family and friends.”

The Kaleidescape Experience is powered by the company’s comprehensive Movie Guide, which contains nearly a quarter million titles. As viewers browse their collection, the onscreen user interface highlights similar films based on genre, director, actors and more. Kaleidescape experts have handpicked thousands of the most memorable scenes in films, concerts and musicals so viewers can jump directly to the best parts of their favorite movies.

“The excellent video displays and sound systems found in homes today create a real need for a device that makes it easy to instantly view Blu-ray quality movies,” said Michael Malcolm, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Kaleidescape. “High-capacity hard disk drives, increasing Internet bandwidth, and the new Kaleidescape Store have made it possible to deliver the Kaleidescape Experience to anyone who enjoys watching movies at home.”

Cinema One is the first component in Kaleidescape’s new Cinema line, designed for smaller systems and featuring simple onscreen setup. The flagship Kaleidescape product line—which can serve collections of any size to a virtually unlimited number of rooms using rack-mountable hardware—is now called the Premiere line, and is intended for professional custom installation.

Cinema One is now available to experience and purchase in all of the Magnolia Design Centers. It can also be purchased from any of Kaleidescape’s 1,800 dealers worldwide or directly from (U.S. only).

Watch this video from USA Today Tech’s Mike Snider with the Kaleidescape Cinema One


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Explore Apple’s new IOs7

Apple iOs 7 Preview page




Apple has created an all new simpler,sleeker,faster user interface with iOs7. All the features you have come to know and love are in iOs7 as well as tons of new and exiting ones. The noticeable differences are flat one dimensional icons and transparent layering. A new approach to animation and motion amplify the user experience and makes simple tasks more engaging. We will no doubt be following the Apple lead in developing our own Savant user interface taking cues from what Apple has done and implementing those ideas into our systems. Be sure to click on the link to learn more about the new iOs !


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Learn how Apple being the heart of every Savant system makes your modern lifestyle…just work.

Content provided by   Savant Systems

Apple’s renowned operating system, OS X®, has been the driving force behind every Savant SmartSystem shipped since we first opened our doors. While other competing control companies claim to offer tight interoperability with Apple products, Savant goes beyond just integration. Savant provides a complete homeand commercial control, automation and entertainment product line built on an Apple platform, providing users with an unmatched level of responsiveness and a rich line of customizable iOS user interface options.

Think about it…with Savant’s iOS home automation and commercial control Apps, you have a command sequence where one Apple device is communicating directly to a OS X computer (Savant Host Controller) delivering a seamless, rapid and stable control connection.

Apple automation and control with a Savant Host ControllerSavant Host Controller – Apple Mac mini

At the heart of every residential or commercial installation is a conveniently enclosed Apple Mac mini, the Savant Host Controller. This racked device, which hosts Savant’s proprietary configuration and control software RacePoint Blueprint™, provides numerous functions including powerful automation and control, user interface interpretations, system administration, monitoring and more. The Mac mini directly communicates with Savant’s entire line of touch panels, remotes, keypads, mobile devices, and on-screen display navigation utilizing award-winning applications and technology such as TrueControl, TrueImage and TrueCommand.

An additional Mac mini (Savant Host Controller) can be included to any install to provide zero-latency redundancy.


Remote system access and lighting control software from SavantSavant platform: RacePoint Blueprint™

No longer will customers have to rely on automation products that possess a significant and costly gap between hardware and software. And, that have a strong dependence on pricey 3rd-party programmers and set-up experts for control activation.  At the core of every Savant Smart Home control or commercial installation is a reliable and maintenance-friendly open platform combining the most advanced and revolutionary media and computing products from Apple, and a breakthrough configuration and control software called RacePoint Blueprint.

Without the need to write a single line of code, Savant’s pioneering Blueprint software solution configures and controls any AV component or sub–system in a fraction of the time it would take to program competing AV control systems.  Built upon Apple’s latest OS X, Blueprint provides the CE, CEDIA, and commercial channels an intelligent solution that overcomes the lack of standards in the industry and the complex nature of integrating various audio/video and environmental sub-systems.

Underlining advantage: drastic improvement in customer satisfaction, as end customers and dealers benefit from smoother installations and effortless system upgrades and modifications. Learn More…





iPad®, iPhone®, iPod touch® control app

As the industry’s most heralded and attractive iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch App,Savant’s TrueControl® solution creates a two-way control scenario where you have one Apple machine speaking to another (iOS device to Savant SmartSystems Host), providing customers with the fastest performing and quickest response time of any competing automation app. Learn More…


Home and business control from a world away
Savant Mobile is a remote access feature included with the TrueControl App, providing you with full two-way control of all the features and services within yourSmart Home from anywhere in the world (Wi-Fi, 3G data connection).


Total user experience customization
From TrueControl to TrueImage, your iPad or iPhone can be completely tailored to meet the individual control requirements of each user. Savant empowers you to create your own personal automation experience with user-changeable and defined backgrounds, icons, control categories and channel favorites. More advanced customization of your smart home and commercial control app can be accomplished by your Savant authorized dealer.



Smart docks for smart home systems and building automation
Savant Smart Docks – Apple touch panels & media players

Media Docks
Any iPhone or iPod touch becomes an active media player within your smart home system.  Simply connect your iPhone or a guest’s iPod touch to a Savant Media Dock, and the media content loaded on each device can be distributed to any room achievingwhole-house audio and video distributionLearn More…

Control Docks
Transform the iPad and iPod touch into cost-effective wireless or wired in-wall and tabletop touch panels.  Charge your Apple device while simultaneously controlling yourSavant Smart Home systemLearn More…

Integrated Apple automation for iPods, iPhones, and iPads


Savant Select remote control for Apple automationSavant Select™ remote control

Savant has taken the concept of the remote home control to the next level by seamlessly embedding Apple’s latest iPod touch (with new Retina Display) into a traditional remote home control form factor. The Savant Select universal remoteprovides single-room source control, complete two-way whole-house automation, communications, and video conferencing capabilities. Learn More…


Whole-house audio with iTunes Match
iTunes Match (sm) Compatible

Savant delivered the first iTunes Match-compatible integrated control and multi-room audio solution, making media storage ubiquitous and user-friendly to the highest degree.

iTunes Match is a subscription service available from Apple that, via compatibility with the Savant environment, enables users to automatically sync music and playlists between their home
computer, any compatible iOS devices and their Savant system. This means that both transfer and access of music files has been made dramatically easier, including music purchased from iTunes®, CDs imported from a personal collection, or purchased from another online service. Subscribers will benefit from a seamless interface—playlists from computers or iOS devices will automatically sync to iCloud®, making their music library available to them at multiple residences and eliminating the chore of manually updating your collection in each location.



Integrated iTunes-based media server for Apple Control
iTunes-based media server for Apple control

Working in conjunction with the Host Controller, all of Savant’s intelligent AV control SmartSystem boast an integrated iTunes-based digital media server providing a familiar digital jukebox experience. All of the family’s favorite music, movies, television shows, and more can be securely stored, quickly accessed, shared, displayed, and selectively distributed throughout the smart home— up to four independent and simultaneous iTunes media streams to any area in the home, seamlessly providing whole-house audio distribution.


Mac OS X

Savant’s integration of Apple’s latest Mac OS X (Operating System) utilizes the following intelligent applications and features to enable better smart home control and commercial automation:

  • Intel Processor
  • Bonjour
  • iCloud
  • Automator
  • iTunes
  • Airport
  • core Animation,Audio, Video
  • Widgets
  • UNIX iOs
  • Quicktime

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